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Book - Caipirinhas - 60 Tips Tested and Approved

Book with 60 recipes of drinks made from cachaça

Wanna learn how to prepare Caipirinha, Brazil's most famous drink?

So, you'll find in this book information that will help you to know about the cachaça, but also prepare the Perfect Caipirinha and with different flavors. Briefly, the book contains:

  • Tips for preparing a delicious caipirinha without bitter
  • Link to demonstrative video how to prepare the traditional caipirinha (bilingual videos)
  • History of Caipirinha
  • Difference between Caipirinha X Caipiroska X Caipirinha X Caipirão X Caipisuco and others
  • A little about cachaça
  • Woods X Aging of Cachaça
  • 60 tips of flavors to be added to the traditional caipirinha
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